How To Prevent Acne Scars

Acne scars are a bit scary…..But they can be prevented.

Below I’ll go over a few basic rules that you can follow to help ensure that your face is healthy and clean!

  • -Treat your acne EARLY. This is the #1 important rule. IF you do this, all scarring can be prevented. Best practices are as follows: Apply apple cider vinegar (Rinse your face and pat dry, then dip a cotton ball into vinegar then into water and apply directly to your acne. Leave it on for atleast 10 minutes and moisturize afterwards for best results)


  •  –DO NOT pick or irritate your acne: Scars are a way of the body healing itself. By picking orRevitol Scar Cream even popping your acne, this causes more inflammation to the blemish and can ultimately cause more damage. Sometimes when people “pop” their pimples, they push pus and bacteria deeper into their skin, which makes for collagen damage and ultimately more brutal scarrring.


  • -Wash your face daily! This can seem simple, but this is an extremely important method of prevention. By washing your face atleast 3 times a day, you can ensure that all bacteria is gone and your skin is healthy and clean. Especially after sweating, rinse your face with water to ensure bacteria does not build up before it’s too late!

….. But if it’s too late and you find yourself with scars DO NOT worry.

There is a completely safe, all-natural acne scar treatment that works like a charm.

This scar treatment will heal your scars and give you that clean, healthy, and rejuvenated skin again.

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Follow these principles and you’ll find your skin healthy and clear! (and if it’s too late, don’t stress!)

Best of luck!